Periscopes of Perception.

Welcome. I like to post art, quotes, psychedelia, random, narwhal bacon, photography, music, youtube videos, highdeas, rants, trains of thoughts, or anything else that picques my interest. Browse through and stick around if you like what you see.
~ Friday, February 1 ~


Is THE Motherfuckin’ Munchy Killa’.

Tags: tea black tea nom bud weed stoner munchies friday caffeine english motherfucker do you speak it cannabis
~ Monday, April 30 ~

So I went to go smoke a joint outside…

and next thing you know, i’m jumping through my window because someone locked me out. So who’s tried cinnamon toast crunch with whip cream?

Tags: 420 bud ganja joint locked out marijuana munchies smoke stoner weed cannabis