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~ Wednesday, March 20 ~


So hear I am complaining about how “OMG I CAN’T STOP SMOKING WEED” and I find out an old friend of mine has to deal with schizoprenia.  I’m truly grateful to be sane and healthy, and the biggest issue bothering me currently is with disciplining my willpower to only smoke on weekends. 

Although I hadn’t spoke with him in years, It saddens me to hear the stories about his experience with dealing with Schizoprenia so far. :/ Hope it doesn’t get worse for him. Ever since I started talking to him via email throughout high school, and chillin’ with him a couple times, he always seemed a bit odd.

Talk about perspective. 

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~ Tuesday, March 19 ~


I really wish you didn’t fuck with my mind as much as you do. I usually enjoy my time high, but it’s the after-effects that get me. Mild anxiety and depression suck. And yes, their is such thing. It’s not the miracle drug you might think it is. Cannabis affects everyone differently from my experience. I really wish I could smoke every night and be fine but it looks like Im back to trying to keep it to weekends again. :/

…or just stop smoking in general, which I really don’t want to.

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~ Sunday, February 10 ~

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~ Sunday, February 3 ~
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~ Friday, February 1 ~


Is THE Motherfuckin’ Munchy Killa’.

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~ Saturday, January 26 ~

Wow, Fuckin’ Weed….

Just when Im tyring to take it easy on the buds, my uncle comes up and gives me a bag of trimmings that his coworker gave him. WOOO time to make some edibles to give away for Lightning in A Bottle 2013. :-)

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~ Friday, January 25 ~

I Love You Mary Jane.

But it’s a bummer you don’t love me back. Lost my phone, and weed after falling off my bike coming back from seeing Nosaj Thing and Cashmere Cat. Show was awesome, ride back was slippery. Felt like bombin’ down some hills but it was way too dangerous for that shit.

Anyways, good thing I lost my weed….otherwise i’d probably still be in a slump and not getting anywhere I want. Weed’s awesome, but it makes me content being mediocre….while I’m stoned. Afterwards the self loathing begins, coupled with social anxiety and lowered confidence. So, I’m going to go back to weaning myself off the buds. Still smoking occasionally, just need to get a grip of my will power and self control before I attempt to smoke weekly again. Might even cut it off for good eventually.

Everything in moderation, including moderation. If you feel like your smoking too much, you probably are. If it doesn’t affect you badly, then keep on tokin’.

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~ Sunday, January 6 ~
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~ Monday, December 24 ~

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~ Sunday, December 16 ~



*rolls up emotions and social skills and smokes them*


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~ Saturday, November 24 ~
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~ Sunday, November 11 ~

I feel like a slice of butter…

I feel like a slice of butter…

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